Bounce Back for the Himalayan Ski Village

Himalayan Ski Village – What is it?

Himalayan Ski Village is a proposed first ski resort of the Himalaya. Covering an area of 115 acres in Kullu Valley, it is expected to be a world class tourism project providing vacation homes, entertainment and adventure sports facilities all in an eco-friendly way. This project is expected to bring Manali into spotlight as an international hill tourism destination.

himalayan ski village

Skiing in Himalayas

The Person Behind Himalayan Ski Village

Mr. Alfred Brush Ford, no one other than the heir of Ford Motors, also known as Ambarish Das is the person behind this ambitious tourism project. Married to an Indian woman and an adherent of the Hare Krishna Movement, Mr. Alfred Ford decided to amplify the Himachal Tourism by the Himalayan Ski Village Project in the year 2005. The Rs. 1581 crore project had the mission tag line as “Build prosperity through sustainable tourism in the Himalaya”.

The Controversy in Making of Himalayan Ski Village

The controversial Himalayan Ski Village project sanctioned by the Congress party in 2005 had to face one barricade after the other when the ruling power came into the hands of Bhartiya Janta Party in December 2007. The company was given a show cause notice in January 2010 and was asked to elucidate the reasons for not following the bindings given by the government. Upon the issuance, the company had claimed for a decision change in the Himachal Pradesh High Court.

Current Status of the Project

On 17 April ’ 13, the decision of reviving the Himalayan Ski Village was broadcasted. The committee which took the prestigious decision was directed by the Chief Secretary Sudripta Roy. Roy gave green signal to the promoters of the Himalayan Ski Village start anew, foreseeing the construction of 170 rooms in the Himalayas. The Himalayan Ski Village project may see the dawn of a prolonged 7 year night.

After being accused of environmental charges, Himalayan Ski Valley has made the deliberate change to see itself as project with environmental ethos. It wants to take responsibility of its own green development and expand the best practices.

The highlights of the Himalayan Ski Village are its location, adventure sports and the professional and experienced management. Located in one of the most visited hill stations of Northern India, Manali gives the project a head start.  The Himalayan slopes especially the Kullu Valley has been a favorite with international heliskiiers. The ski trails will be designed by Mark Larson, former design director of Vail associates.

The project will also pitch exciting adventure sports like white water rafting, trekking in the hills, mountain biking and parasailing. This way, there are plenty of opportunities available for non-skiers throughout the year.  It helps raising the expectation level of the project to be a success as it is designed to attract international tourists especially from Japan, Australia, US, Southeast Asia and Europe. The grand world wide appeal for adventure sports and skiing in the mighty Himalayas allows great potential to attract these tourists who primarily do not consider India as a holiday destination.

The Himalayan Ski Valley Project is promoted by veterans of the industry with both local and global experience and expertise in resort developments and the construction industry. Alfred Ford acting as the Chairman, Glenn Trotman as the Director and CFO, and Ajay Dabra being the Director Corporate Affairs makes it all the more special and attractive.