CHINDI – Beyond the Obvious!!

‘Look deep into the nature and then you will understand everything better’- Albert Einstein

Karsog with its magnificent beauty and spiritual calms is a natural home of gods. It is one of the picturesque locations of Himachal Pradesh. The place is ideal for those who want to spend some peaceful time away from the city crowd.

Chindi offers a beautiful view of Karsog valley. Wheat corn, pears and Apples are the primary produces of Karsog. The real claim to the fame lies at the top of the hill above the village, ‘The Chindi Rest House’.

Places of interest:-

  • Chindi Mata Temple - The name of the temple is derived from the beautiful place Chindi. It is a temple of Goddess Durga which is a short walk from the Chindi Village. It is opened only for few hours. In the backdrop of the temple there is a circular pond which looks very attractive with the temple background.
  • Mamleshwar Temple – It is around 15 Kms from the beautiful Chindi and is famous for its Shiva temple. It is a sacred place where Rishi Bhrigu meditated. During the exile period, Pandavas have constructed the outer part of the temple. An Ankhand Dhuni (fire) is burning in the temple continuously from Mahabharata period in their honor. There is 200 gram single wheat which is also said to be dating back to the mythological time of Mahabharata. There is an unusually large drum in the temple made with rhinoceros hid is said to be of Bhima.
  • Kamakshya Mata Temple - The beautiful temple is around 17 Kms from Chindi. The ancient temple is situated in the village names Kau and is dedicated to Goddess Durga who defeated thoroughly a demon Mahishasur who was in the form of buffalo. The Goddess is also regarded to be manifest at the spot due to meditations and sacrifices of Lord Parshurama. The image of the deity is in ‘Astadhatu’ – the eight primary metals. The real Sanctrum of the temple is said to be an underground chamber that is not accessible. The temple has been built in Pasoda Style architectural design.
  • Mahunag temple – The temple is around 22 Kms from Chindi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Karna, (son of Kunti and Sun, the god) and was built in 1664 by King named Shyam Sen. Karna is the guardian deity of the region and it is said that whenever the devotees are in trouble lord Karns turns himself into Mahu ( Bee) and assist his devotees.
  • A big fair is held every year on Makarsakranti which attracts many people from all around the world.

  • Kunhoo Dhar - It is around 25 Kms from Chindi and gives 360 Degree paranormal view of the area. Pir Panjal, Hanuman Tibba and Jalori Pass can be visible. On enrouting to Dhar, there are small temples dedicated to local deities Shilgiri Nag and Vibhuti Mata.
  • Chindi is meant for the dreamers, the lovers of simplicity, the story tellers, a lovers of natural beauty and their experience will go beyond the obvious.