Lahaul & Spiti – Village walks, Mountain trails and fun days!!!!

Rudyard Kipling said of Spiti-‘The high hills were fashioned of the mere rubble and refuse them off the knees of the mountains ….Surely the God live here’.

Lahaul Spiti is a wonder place with a very strong influence of the Buddhist Culture. A big district that shares its International boundary with the Tibet. Lahaul Spiti is marked by a central mass of high mountains and glacier fed streams like Chandra and Bhaga. Spiti is at a higher altitude with barren lands, denudated rock faces, hostile roads and chilling temperatures. This place has picturesque valleys and large number of Monastries and natural formations.

Remarkable Villages
Komic Village- It is situated at the height of 4580 Meters. It is one of the highest villages in Asia. There is one of the biggest and oldest Monastry called the Komic Monastry.
Langza Village- It is situated at an altitude of 4400 Meters. It is one of the many beautiful villages in Spiti Valley belonging to Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The main attraction of the village is a golden coloured statue of Buddha.
The village also has an ancient temple which is estimated to be 1000 years old which is known to be the Headquarter of entire Deities of Spiti Valley.
Kye village- It is located at an altitude of 4176 Meters and has the largest Monastery in the region.
Archaic Monastries
Spiti valley houses many Monastries and is an education hub of Buddhist religion and culture where monks (Lamas) are educated.
Tabo Monastery- It is the oldest Monastery in the valley and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 14th Dalai Lama held the Kalchakra ceremonies here in 1983 and 1996. The Monastery is under the care and protection of the Archeological Survey of India.
Dhankar Monastery- The Monastery is around 1000 years old and houses around 150 Lamas who receive their religious education. The Monastery has ancient Murals and Buddhist scriptures that are worth seeing.
Kye Monastery – The Monastery is situated at an elevation of 4166 Meters and is home to around 300 lamas. The Monastery is famous for its Pasada Style architecture.

Breathtaking Landscape
Spiti has all from Alpine slopes to Rocky Barren Ranges, Lakes which are crystal clear. Chandra River is surrounded by huge Mountains that dominate the landscape. Chandratal Lake is bright blue water trapped between the Mountains. One can also trek around the Lake and enjoy overnight stay besides the lake in Swiss tents provided by locals.

Cinch Lifestyle
The still and silent valley is mostly cut off from the rest of the world. Despite of the harsh weather the people work hard to sustain their families. The lifestyle of the people is very simple and uncomplicated. The hospitality of the locals is amazing and they welcome everybody who visits them very warmly.

From complex passes to treks and to crystal clear Lakes, it is one of Asia’s greatest road adventures to travel by car, by bone shaking buses or by motor bikes.

Simplicity is the key of this place those who understand and respect it are encouraged to travel.