Rewalsar – A hidden gem of Himachal travel industry

Traveling 25 kms from Mandi, which is not more than an hour’s drive, lies a secret and admiring travelers paradise –  Rewalsar, a town and also a nagar panchayat in the district of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.  Well known as Trisangam for its upmost religious values for three of the most followed religions in India, Rewalsar welcomes every tourist for a peacefully saint experience to achieve soul seeking.


How to reach Rewalsar

Rewalsar is connected by road to some major places of Himachal Pradesh. A single lane road connects Rewalsar to Mandi and Ner Chowk. One can take public transport or cabs to the place.

If you are a luxury inviting traveler, Indian air transport can get you to Bhuntar, which only leaves you around 60 kms from Rewalsar. This helps you enjoy and experience the freezing wind in your hair while on road.

Indian railways also helps you a bit upto Kiratpur, which is around 125 kms from Mandi.

Other alternatives can be luxury buses from New Delhi or Chandigarh till Mandi.

Climate of Rewalsar

In winter, the temperature remains around 0 degrees calling the need for hefty woolens which can keep you warm while exploring the beautiful area. Summers are pleasant but it’s always good to carry woolens when you are travelling in Himachal.

History of Rewalsar

Legend has it that the great Buddhist Master, Padmasambhava once lived and meditated in this village who helped grow the Mahayana Buddhism’s roots. It is believed that the master’s spirit resides in the floating reeds in the lakes which can be moved by the prayers and the cool breeze. Padamasambhava, the second Buddha, is also believed to be burnt by the King of Mandi since he had tried to teach his daughter the religion, which was an unaccepted practice at that time. After the fumes for more than week emerged Padmasambhava of age 16 in the pleasant waters of the famous Rewalsar Lake. This made the King guilty of his actions and made him marry his daughter to the Master.

Rewalsar is also accredited to be the place where the Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, had come to stay in to convince the kings of the hills against the power and ruling of Aurangzeb. Being mentioned about in the Sau Sakhi, Rewalsar and the Gurudwara made by Raja Joginder Sen holds a special presence for the Namdhiri Sikhs.

Rewalsar also is home to three Hindu temples dedicated to the shrine of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Rishi Lomas.

Places to visit in Rewalsar

Rewalsar Lake: With different versions for the creation of the Lake, this Lake is oligotrophic in nature. It is sacred to all three religions for different reasons and gets title for uniting them.

Rewalsar Monastery: Rewalsar being an important town for the Buddhists has the monastery where there are teachings and preaching held every morning of the sacred Dharma. It is also surrounded with many murals.

Rewalsar Gurudwara: The gurudwara is of pale blue colour and is not very far from the Lake. Holding high prestige for the Sikhs gets a lot of tourists from Punjab.

Rewalsar Mini Zoo: The forest department of the district also maintains a small zoo which offers a distinct variety of flora and fauna.

There is also a statue of Padmasambhava erected in the village which is of over 100 feet.