Wandering in the Wonder…..

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
– Gustave Flaubert

Nestled in the lap of the Himalyas, Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful northern states of India that charms everyone with its spectacularly scenic landscapes. Fascinating hill stations contrasted against snow – capped peaks, quaint villages along winding mountain roads, twisting rivers carving their way through hills, Which is also prevelant for its pilgrimage. Numerous destinations of magnificient Uttarakhand are still unexplored, in the string of exploring such worth visit places , you have already gone through Mana village – A voyage to the heavens!

Toting one more pearl to it, incase for you vacations means an escape to a place where its only you and the nature moreover if you get the opportunity to experience the prehistoric period “ the stone age” then Barechhina is a village in Almora district, which is 18 km from the city of Almora. On the way from Almora to the famous Jageshwar Dham lies a little known ancient wonder, the Painted Rock Shelters of Lakhudiyar which means ‘One Lakh Caves’ at the distance of 100 meters walk from highway.

The distant past when there was no paper or language or the written word, and hence no books or written document, Paintings and drawings were the art forms practiced by human beings to express themselves using the cave wall as their canvas. The walls and ceilings of these shallow rock shelters are covered with white, red and black color paintings, painted with fingers depicts their daily life, hunting scenes and different kinds of symbols. During ancient time they used to make colors from rocks, stone, animal flash, plants etc like-
Red from haematite (Geru )

White from Limestone

These rock paintings have now become a tourist attraction and also a site for archaeological rock engravings being studied by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi. It’s worth to take a halt at Rock paintings of Barechhina.

Another must visit wonderful destination of Uttarakhand in Kumaon region , Almora district is Ranikhet.
Ranikhet is a small town. Mainly army area. Kumaon regiment’s base. The place is worth visiting as it gives a scenic view of the giant Himalayan snow covered peaks. February to November is the perfect time to plan a travel for visiting this beautiful town. Ranikhet has a pleasant weather through out the year.
Here are some picturesque stopovers !!!
Chaubatia Garden
One of Ranikhet’s most famous tourist attractions, Chaubatia Garden is a nature’s playground. Known for its 200 exotic varieties of fruits and flowers, perched at an altitude of 1800 m and sprawls over 600 acres of land. This place is located at distance of 10 kms from the heart of Ranikhet. This place is renowned for the orchards of delicious apples, peaches, plums and apricots. A research laboratory is also situated within its premises. The name Chaubatia literally means the junction of 4 paths, inter-linking the cities of Ranikhet, Bhargaon, Pilkholi and Dehrti.

Jhula Devi
Jhula Devi Temple is situated at a distance of 7 km from the town of Ranikhet near Chaubatia Gardens in Almora district. The Present Temple complex was constructed in 1935. The Goddess Durga, sits on a wooden swing (Jhula), thus, it was called as ‘Jhula Devi Temple’. Jhula Devi temple is highly esteemed for devotees from around the world. Despite being a forest area filled with animals like leopards and tigers, the area remains accessible for the locals. According to the locals, the main deity of the temple, Goddess Durga, protects them from the wild animals. The countless bells that hang around the temple compound are a testimony to the divine and the healing powers of Maa Jhula Devi.
Upat Golf Course
Upat Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses of Asia at an elevation of 1,892 meters above sea level, located at a distance of 5 KM from Ranikhet town. Ranikhet Golf Course is a 9-hole course making it one of the prime attractions of Ranikhet. The green meadow of the golf course at such high altitude is breathtaking. Due to its charming appeal, it’s a popular tourist destination.

Mankameshwar Temple
Mankameshwar Temple is a famous attraction of Ranikhet. The temple was built by Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army in 1978. Inside the shrine, there are the idols of Radha-Krishna, Ma Kalika and Lord Shiva. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalika, Lord Shiva and the pair of Radha-Krishna. Mankameshwar Temple is one of the most picturesque places in Ranikhet. The temple is particularly popular during the months of Sawan.

Bhalu Dam
It is located at a distance of 11 km from Ranikhet and 3 km from Chaubatia, the Bhalu Dam is a small artificial lake adorned in the preserved forest area near Chaubatia Orchard. Around Bhaludam there are beautiful views of the Himalyan peaks it is also famous for camping and picnics. Bhalu Dam is a semicircular masonry dam constructed in 1903 by a British Viceroy as a source of drinking water for the soldiers. There is a small 70 m long, 6.6 m wide and 9 m deep reservoir.

Just living is not enough….. one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower !!!