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About Kinnaur

It is one of administrative districts in Himachal Pradesh. The administrative headquarters of Kinnaur district is at Reckong Peo. Kinnaur is surrounded by Tibet to East, Uttarakhand State from South, Shimla Kullu District from West and Lahaul Spiti from North. Kinnaur has three High Mountain Ranges namely Zanskar, Himalayas and Dhauldhar that enclose Valleys of Spiti, Satluj, Baspa and their tributaries. The slopes are covered with thick wood, orchards fields and picturesque hamlets. The much religious Shivling lies in the Kinnaur Kailash Mountains.

Tourist Attractions Type Interesting Facts
Sarahan Pilgrimage A beautiful hamlet is situated at an elevation of 2165 Meters. It is located near the Sultej River and is famous for its apple orchards, pine forests and Bhima Kali Temple. The town is known as the gateway of Kinnaur. It uses to be the summer retreat of the kings of Bushr, who once ruled neighboring Kinnaur.
Kalpa Offbeat The village is situated at an elevation of 2959 Meters above the sea level. The village is known for its scenic beauty and apple orchards. People who inhabit here are known as ‘Kinnauris’. Buddhism has been practiced along with Hinduism by locals here. Below the Kalpa town flows the Sutlej River and Pinenuts( Chilgoza) forest frame the winding Mountains. The village is situated at high altitude so the temperature is cold throughout the year with short summers from June to September. The temperature goes below freezing point around -15 degrees to -20 degrees.
Sangla Offbeat Beautiful hilly area is situated at an elevation of 2712 Meters above the sea level. In Tibetan language Sangla means ‘Pass of light’. The natural scenery all around is surrounded by breathtaking Himalayas and Baspa River gently flowing below.
Things to do in Sangla:-
  • Camping - stay at Camps situated on the bank of Baspa Rivers.
  • Nature walks - enjoy the undisturbed walks across the valley with magnificent scenery.
  • Adventure Activities - activities like Rock climbing and rappelling etc.
  • Treks - Trekking is a wonderful way of taking a break from the daily routine and doing some good hard work amidst nature. Kinnaur offers the most amazing and variegated trekking options to the adventurous minded people.
  • For the enthusiasts it is a treat to angle for trouts in the crystal clear waters of the Baspa River.
  • Chitkul Village Offbeat It is situated at an elevation of 3450 Meters above the sea level is the last village near Indo Tibet border. The village has all meadows, Mountains, cross lands, Rivers forests and Apple orchards. The potatoes grown in the village is said to be very expensive. The village is surrounded by the Kinnaur Kailash Ranges on all its sides.
    Chitkul Village Offbeat The village is situated at an elevation of 2900 Meters above the sea level.While moving towards Chitkul from Sangla, the village is found on the left side of the main road and the river Baspa flows on the right. The village has two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali.
    Rakcham Chitkul Sanctaury is a popular attraction in Kinnaur. It is situated between Sangla Valley and Chhitkul and counted among the few popular wildlife reserves of Himachal Pradesh. The reserve forest is spread over an area of 34sq km and tends to be a heaven for the trekkers and nature lovers. The wildlife includes Leopard, Blue Sheep, Goral, Musk Deer, Himalayan and Black Bear. Several trekking camps are arranged by the tour operators in and around this sanctuary.
    Moorang Offbeat A small village is situated at an elevation of 2527 Meters above the sea level. Moorang is a Tibetan word which signifies its location ‘Mor’ means three khad and ‘Rang’ means ‘face of Mountain’. So therefore it is a place where 3 channels Meets. The village also has a fort which is said to be built by the Pandavas. The village is surrounded by beautiful apricot orchards.
    Pooh Offbeat The small town is known for its natural environment, green fields, almond trees and Vineyards. This is sub divisional headquarters having government offices. The local god is called Dabla, who neither has any dwelling nor possesses an ark. The only manifestation of the deity is a pole with a small idol set on its upper portion and adorned with yak tail hair and long pieces of colored cloth.
    Reckong Peo Offbeat It is a district Headquarters located at an altitude of 2290 Meters above the sea level. The village offers stunning panoramic views of Kinner Kailash Range. It also offers a great view of the lofty Jorkandan and Raldang Peaks. Peo is blessed with the beautiful landscape. It also houses a large hundred year old Tibetan Monastery.
    Peo came into Existence on 1st May 1960. The main attraction from Peo is the view of Kinner Kailash Mountain.
    Rupin Pass Adventure It is a high altitude trek which starts from Dhaula in Uttrakhand and ends at Sangla. Situated at an altitude of 15250 feet it is considered among one of the high range for trekking in India. It is an ideal trek for adventure as it offers trek to every trek to every type of terrain like snow, rocky or along and through the water streams or meadows.
    On the way:-
  • Waterfall views - Many waterfall and streams can be seen through the trek.
  • Lush green forest - Many lush green forest can be seen with beautiful oak and Rhododendron trees.
  • Jhaka Village (hanging village) - It is a unique positioned village at the utmost edge of mountain appearing like it has been hanging through the cliff.
  • Snow bridges - While trekking you may come across numerous snow bridges.
  • View of Kinner Kailash - While reaching towards the end of the Rupin Pass one will get mesmerized by the view of Kinner Kailash.
  • Nako Village Offbeat It is a Lake side village in Hangrang Valley of Kinnaur. The village is also known as the ‘Land of the Fairytails’. The breathtaking water body ‘Nako Lake’ surrounds the village and is situated at the height of 3662 Meters above the sea level. The attraction of the lake is waterfall in which the water that flows appears to be a milky liquid, as the water is full of snow and according to history one can find the impression of the footprint of Saint Padmasambhava near the Lake.
    Nako Monastery : The monastery has four large and spacious halls and is the oldest hall is the ‘Dukhong’. The wall of this hall has decorations of complete mandala and on East side another hall which is smaller in size.
    Nako Lake : It is a small and beautiful holy Lake situated along the Nako village. It is Located at an elevation of 3,662 Meters above the sea level surrounded by willow and popular trees. It is the small reservoir that can charm anyone with its pristine natural beauty and cultural innocence.
    Kamru Fort Offbeat The fort is located at an elevation of 2600 Meters above the sea level. The wooden carved fort is shaped like a tower and is made up of five storeys’ that rest on a 55 square feet stone platform. The fort also has a wooden balcony and at the top there is an idol of Kamakhya Devi. According to the local belief the idol of the deity was brought from Guwahati, Assam. The entry gate of the fort is through the series of gate and at the main gate there is a blissful statue of Lord Buddha. There is also a Badrinath Temple in the fort.
    The fort also contains an elegant timber terrace, which is decorated by timber carvings. Fort is also surrounded by the beautiful locations like Batseri Village, Rakcham Village, Chitkul Village which is the last village on the old trade way between India and Tibet.
    A fair is organized once in every three year in honor of the deity and the deity is taken to the Gangotri.
    Baspa River Leisure It is one of the most scenic river that give rise to the beautiful and famous valley. It is a big attraction for the trekkers and campers. The Baspa River in Sangla Valley is one of the most scenic rivers of the Himalayas, which offers captivating views of Sangla valley, apple orchards, streams, snow-clad mountains, and more. The Sangla village is loaded with rich Tibetan culture and marvelous natural beauty makes Baspa Valley a very famous & beautiful spot. The Baspa River is the center point of this majestic valley, which has other great destinations like Chung Sakhago Pass enclosing it. There are many glaciers around the Baspa River that add to its beauty and give a unique kind of experience to the visitors.
    In river the vast variety of fishes are found. The locals have created a unique kind of boat to cross the river which looks like a basket. The tourists can take the ride with the help of locals to travel amongst the beautiful hill.
    Ribba Village Offbeat It is the popular village which is situated at an elevation of 3745 Meters above the sea level. The village it very famous for its pine nut (Chilgoza). The village is also known as Rirang , it got its name due to the plenty of Pine nuts found here ‘Ri’ means pine nut and ‘ Rang’ means Mountain Peaks. It is located around 35 Kms from the Rekogn Peo.
    The village is surrounded by trees of edible pine. It is covered in a snow and is cut off from the rest of the world for half a year.
    The locals produce a local brew called ‘anjoori’ made from the local variety of grapes called Rokh Dakhan and stock it for winter months.
    They also have some of the best quality of apricot and walnuts here.
    A temple of Deity Kasuraj Ji and a Buddhist temple are famous for its historical importance.
    It is the temple were Hindu god and Buddha deities are worshiped together is a worth watch.
    Chango Village Offbeat The village is situated at a distance of 125 Kms from Kalpa. It is the last village of the Kinnaur district and is surrounded by beautiful hills. The village is a collection of 4 Hamlets in Pargana Shuwa, sub tehsil of Hangrang. The village is under the influence of Buddhism but there are some Hindu deity too namely Gyalba, Dabta and Yalsa.
    Climate :
    Due to the elevation, the place has long winters from October to May and short summers from June to September.
    Best time to Visit :
    A beautiful district with great natural scenes, rivers, valleys, high mountains. Lakes and green pastures. The best time to visit the place is from May to October.