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About Spiti

Lahul & Spiti is a big district that shares its boundary with Tibetan Empire. It deals with the reign Maharaja Ranjit Singh Lahual & Spiti attained the status of a district. The district is one of the most picturesque valleys with large number of monasteries and natural formation. Lahaul is marked by a central mass of high mountains and massive glaciers. The two Rivers Chandra and Bhaga which rise on either side of the Baralacha La that flow through the narrow Chandra and Bhaga valley . In 1941 Spiti with Lahaul was constituted into a separate sub tehsil of Kullu Sub division which has its Headquarters at Keylong. Later on after formation of Lahaul & Spiti into a district Spiti was formed into a sub- division with its headquarters at Kaza.

Tourist Attractions Type Interesting Facts
Tabo Offbeat A small town in the Lahaul Spiti is situates at an elevation of 3280 Meters. The town lies on the road between Reckong Peo and Kaza. It has a Buddhist Monastery known as Tabo Monastery which is said to be over 1000 years. His holiness Dalai Lama has expressed his desire to retire at Tabo.
Nichar Offbeat An alluring village is situated at an elevation of 2200 Meters situated above the sea level is one of the scenic places to see in Kinnaur. The village is blessed with rich flora and fauna and is also a home to Rubi Bhaba wildlife Sanctuary.
Kunzum Pass Adventure It is situated at an elevation of 4551 Meters above the sea level. It is India’s highest motor able Mountain Pass. The top of the pass offers spectacular view of Bara Sifri glacier which is the second longest glacier in the world. This pass remain open merely open for 3 to 4 Months from June to September.
Pin Valley National Park Adventure It is the only cold desert National Park located in Himachal Pradesh. The park lies in the valley of the Pin River from where it has derived the name. It was declared as the National Park in January 1987 and covers an area of 675 Sq. Km and has a buffer zone of 1175 Sq. Km. It is situated at an elevation of 3500 Meters near Ka Dongri to 6000 Meters at its highest point. The park hosts some rare and unique biodiversity that spreads from the South of Dankar Monastery to the end of Spiti Valley. It was set up to protect and preserve the rare and unique flora and fauna of the Himalayas.
Langza Offbeat The village is situated at an altitude of 4400 Meters is divided into 2 sections, namely Langza Yongma (lower) and Langza Gongma (upper). This Buddhist village is belongs to the sector of Tibetan Buddhism. During the old days the vessels of all shapes and sizes were produced here and were supplied to the entire valley for the household use. Now days the agriculture is the primary livelihood.
The village has an ancient temple which is estimated to be 1000 years old and is also regarded as the headquarters of all the Deities of the Spiti Valley.
The main attraction of the village is a golden color huge statue of Lord Buddha surrounded by the handful mud households.
The other main attractions of the village are the fossil fuel and the Monastery.
There are also two high altitude lakes around Langza namely Tsonyeti and Chumo Tso. These lakes are around 3-4 hour hikes from the village which could be difficult for travelers, owing to the low oxygen and high altitude of the region.
Komic Village Offbeat The village is situated at the height of 4275 Meters is one of the highest village in Asia and means the eye of snow cock. The Komic has got one of the biggest and the oldest monasteries. The village monastery is situated at the entrance and said that it is 500 years old. The interior and the exterior of the Komic Monastery are painted in beautiful bright colors. Komic is more of a beautiful hamlet and has admiring the interminable beauty.
Gondhala Fort Leisure It was built by the Raja Man Singh of Kullu for the Thakurs of Gondhala villages in 1700 A.D. The castle is built with the wood in the tower type architecture and situated at an elevation of 3170 meters. The fort is an eight storey made up of stone and timber can accommodate around 100 people.
The castle has many antiques inside the fort like bows, arrows, quivers, catapults, guns and canons besides age old costumes, furniture and idols. It is situated at the right bank of Chandra River and is the only castle in Lahual Spiti. The castle is around 18-20 Kms from Keylong.
Trilokinath Temple Pilgrimage It is the only temple in the world where both Hindus and Buddhists pay reverence to the same deity. Hindus consider Trilokinath deity as ‘Lord Shiva’ while the Buddhist considers deity as ‘Arya Avlokiteshwar’.
The temple is situated at the bank of Tunde village and is noted for its delicate carvings, and gracing the inner walls and doors. Tibetan prayer flag built in pagoda style of architecture at the entrance of the temple. The temple was constructed in the 10th Century by Dvyanjra Rana which is beloved to be ancestors of present Rana Thakurs of Trilokinath village. The Rajgrana of Chamba Mahayogi Sidh Charpati Dar has also played major role as he had unlimited devotion to Bodhisattva Arya Avalokiteshwar and had compared 25 Shlokas in this glory which are called Avalokiteshwar Strotan Chedem.
It is the only temple in Lahaul Valley that is of ‘Shiker Style’. According to the locals the temple was originally dedicated to Lord Shiva and then transformed into a Buddhist Temple by Padmasambhava. The temple follows tradition which doesn’t clash with both the religion. The temple is situated in Udaipur (sub division of Lahaul Spiti) around 56 Kms from Keylong.
Kibber Village Offbeat It is one of the highest inhabited villages in the world situated at an elevation of 4200 meters above the sea level. Surrounded by Picturesque Mountains, the landscape of the village is similar to that of Ladakh and Tibet. The pollution free atmosphere of the village is beneficial for sky gazers and photographer, who gets the most amazing pictures of the natural, wanders here. One can be charmed by the green fields as agriculture is the main occupation here. Barley, peas and potatoes are the main crops harvested here.
The houses of this village are worth seeing as they are constructed in ‘Tibetan style’. People of this remote village live simple yet enthusiastic life with all the basic amenities.
Hikkim Offbeat Hikkim is a high mountain village at an elevation of 4.572meters above the sea level. It has the world's highest permanent post office. It’s one of the highest towns accessible by car on Earth and is located near Kaza.It is one of the highest locations in India and is highly rich in Fossils. The road to the town is gravel. The region remains cut-off from other regions for half the year due to heavy snow fall over the passes.
Keylong Offbeat A little hamlet is situated at an elevation of 3080 Meters above the sea level. It is located close to Kardang Monastery which is one of the largest and oldest Monasteries in Lahaul District.The district headquarter is on the main route between Baralacha la and Rohtang passes.. Keylong has a Museum of Tribal Art which displays archaeological finds and the traditional Thanka paintings. It also has rare manuscripts in the Bhoti Script. Carpets, shawls, almond oil and bamboo products are worth buying from Keylong.
Climate :
Lahaul Spiti is very cold during winters because it is situated at great height. The winter season is very long from October end to mid April.
Best time to Visit :
The best time to visit Lahaul Spiti is from June to September.